How to Avoid Expensive International Transfer Charges

Sending money is very common nowadays and you want to do it the best way possible. International transfers can be very costly because of the charges. If you do international transfers often, then you should find the best ways to save money when you do transfers. To help you learn more, here are some great tips that you should know about.

The Factors

Before you go off and choose a method to transfer money, you have to realize that there are things you should consider. For instance, the amount that you send can affect how much the charges will be. Other factors will include when it should arrive to the receiver, if it is a regular or single payment, who you transfer it to and how they wish to get it, etc. Most transfer services will boast about one thing such as fixed transfer charges, but it is important to remember all your needs. For instance, one transfer service might offer low transfer fees but their transfer limit is lower than the amount that you want to send. 

This is why you have to “shop around” for the best deals. For example, you can check out sites like to see if their deals work out best for you. Some banks or services can offer more than just transfers for you, so you might get lucky if you find a great site or bank. Do not forget to check for the exchange rates then compare that with the real mid-market rate to help you see which deal is best for you.

No Foreign Fees

You could find banks that do not charge foreign fees, which is a great option for you if you regularly make international money transactions. Some credit cards will not charge you for transactions that you make overseas. A lot of major credit card issuers will offer you cards with these options, just be sure to look into the details of the credit card before applying for it. As we stated earlier, do not be afraid to look around at different options before settling on one to get the best deal.

Some banks might charge you less for every transaction if you make regular transactions with the same sender or recipient. You can ask a bank online or in person how you can set up and start receiving or transferring funds internationally. However, banks still tend to be more expensive for fund transfers even if they do not charge foreign fees. The general charges for transfers can still add up, which is why you might be better off finding an affordable and efficient service to transfer money.

Avoiding banks completely might be your best bet to save money with international transfer charges. Banks charge a lot for transfer, whether they are foreign or not, which can be an issue if you regularly transfer money. You should be proactive with your money by taking the right steps to spending less when you transfer money. Be sure you follow the tips above to avoid expensive international transfer charges.